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Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim

Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim

| Jessica S
Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim. We'll take you through the anatomy and safety of anal sex. Toys and tips for anal sex!

Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim

Good evening ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the pretty pussycat thank you for joining us today for Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim.

Please remember:

Anal is an option for everybody who wants to participate consensually.

Anal sex should be safe pleasurable and fun!

Every anal adventure is different keep an open mind listen to your body and pay attention to what feels good healthy communication is key.

With that in mind fasten your seatbelts and let's begin!

First stop Anatomy

On the outside you have a lot of sensitive nerves that can be stimulated in a variety of ways! 

Your pernieum the spot between your anus and genitals enjoys a gentle massage or some light pressure.

Here on the outside rim of your anus you'll find nerves that can be pleasured by fingers mouths tongues toys penises.

starting here and exploring externally is always a good way to begin  and ease your fears 

Now to explore inner rim! You have 2 sphincters, one you can control and one your brain controls on its own. The one your brain controls is the sphincter that tightens when your nervous or afraid

Take a breath relax and here we are at the rectum! This is the area where toys and/or body parts will be when experiencing penetration. 

If you take a gander over yonder in penis owners you will find the prostate! Stimulating the prostate can cause extreme pleasure for some. 

As for vulva owners anal penetration can stimulate the g-spot or clitoris from a different angle.

 Take a moment and explore your body solo or with a partner. Take a look at your beautiful butt!

Next Stop Lubricants!

Lube! Add  some Lube! And then add some more Lube! This is your safety announcement, Lube is crucial in anal play! Add lube lots of lube , and when you think you've lubed enough , add some more. 

You might be wondering, "Why so much lube?" and the answers simple , your rectum does not produce lubricant! So all that sensitive tissue needs a nice protective coating before playing, and reapplied as you play. 

There is plenty of lubes to explore and plenty of pairings out there. 

Desensitizers and Anal Relaxants

Now we don't recommend a desensitizer because it not only dulls the good sensations it dulls the bad ones so you can't communicate to your partner or listen to your body. 

We do recommend an anal relaxant it'll relax the muscles so the sensations are still felt but not as intensely and allows you to feel and communicate with your partner! 

If you chose to use a desensitizer or an anal relaxant make sure to pair it with a lube!

Lubes to use Externally

For tasty oral and rimming delight try a flavored lube. The wicked flavored lubes are always a favorite, but there is so many different brands of flavored lube. Mix and match and find the one you and your partner(s) enjoy the most!

Coconut oil based lubes are also excellent for external play! It's slippery , long lasting, moisturizing and keeps your sensitive skin safe! Our favorite is the A Play Extra Thick Anal Glide! Oil based are also good for penetrative play , but they are not condom friendly! They are also only safe to use with metal and glass toys! 

Lubes to use Internally

For anal play with a toy a good hybrid lube will give you the benefits of silicone while giving you the benefits of a water base! Last a bit longer, and is safe with most toys!

Or try a good cushiony water base! Remember the thicker the better and you should always reapply! There is plenty to choose from: Sassy, Wicked, Jo.

If you're looking for a lube to last during penetration, then you are probably looking for a Silicone lube. Keep in mind when using a silicone lube to spot test it with toys and silicone lube is not compatible with all toys!

Sometimes it can be difficult getting lube internally, it can be a struggle so try out a lube shooter to make it easier! (Great especially if your playing solo).

 Sit Tight! The next part of Anal Safety Announcement is Hygiene & Safety

Can you run into fecal matter during anal? yes. will there be a lot ? no it might just be a lil  bit if you do.

Keep in mind, fecal matter isn't stored in the rectum. Try to empty your bowels 30-40 minutes before anal play. You can wash the outside of your body with a gentle soap and warm water or even try a hypoallergenic wipe. 

If you need the extra cleanliness you can try a douche/enema but know the risk before you play!

If you use a toy in the anus make sure to wash it before using it with the vulva or the mouth! This includes your fingers! Wash your hands before playing with the vulva or mouth . 

Condoms! Make for easy clean up. Help protect from spread of disease. 
     -If your using your fingers or hands, you can use finger condoms or a glove for easy clean up as well!

This has been your anal safety announcement now let's get to the fun part of the journey!

Toys! So many Toys! All of the Toys!

There are so many toys to choose from when it comes to anal. From non-vibrating to vibrating just make sure it has a flared base or is specifically designed for anal. 

Butt plugs come in many varieties from glass metal  and silicone. Small ones and big ones, beginner sets and vibrating ones. You can find a butt plug for any experience level and for any one!

There are plugs that are curved that are intended for prostate stimulation. Some that even stimulate the perineum at the same time and others are straight to enjoy the feeling of fullness. 

Anal beads can help ease your body into penetration with varying sizes.

There is also dildos you can use and dilators. 

There is glass, metal, & silicone toys! 

With so many toys how do you choose? Experimentation and exploration is key when it comes to toys! 

 Next Stop: Journeying into your anus! 

The journey into your anus can be a long one, it can be a short one it all depends on your comfortability level. Diving in to fast can cause injury so take the slow road and let your body guide you!

Try external play first, getting excited helps you (or your partner) relax. 

Once you're relaxed try inserting a finger, try a beginner toy , just make sure to use lots of lube! 

If you find you're craving more or your partner(s) craving more but isn't ready for anal sex. Try a beginner/training kit. Get used to the different length and girths. This can take a few hours or it could take a few weeks. Every body is different and everyone is different. The important thing is to take it slow, communicate, listen to your body and lots of lube!

When it comes to larger toys or a penis. Take it slow! Lots of lube. Remember to relax and take some deep breaths. 

Talk to your partner(s) , it's important that they know what you are experiencing. Anal should not be painful! If it is adda little more lube. If it's still painful wiht lots of lube added stop  it's your bodies way of saying it's not ready!

No journey to the Ur-Anus is complete without aftercare!

Take a moment. Take a breath. Bask in the post coital bliss.

Now baby wipes are your best friend, Wipe up. Get clean. Or if you got time take shower, draw yourself a bath. 

Don't worry about trying to get the lube out it'll work it's way out naturally. There may be a slight discomfort after anal penetration  so give yourself time to relax!

If the skins irritated apply a little coconut oil to help soothe the skin.

Make sure to not only take care of your (or your partner(s)) physical aftercare but emotional aftercare too!  Being the recciever to anal can be vulnerable and some praise might be needed! check in with yourself and your partner(s) to see what they need.

Finishing Regards as we begin our decent from Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim

  • Make sure you are relaxed getting through the second sphincter while your not is the main cause for painful anal. Give your body time and allow for it to relax with other pleasures
  • Remember anal can get messy, it happens. Nothing a shower and a towel can't fix!
  • Check-In , Communication is key
  • Consent is sexy!
  • Take it slow and Don't forget to breathe!
  • Anal sex shouldn't hurt so take it slow

Anal sex isn't for everyone and thats okay! Sex no matter how you define it is about consent. You set your boundaries and your partner(s) have to respect tham no matter what. Some people enjoy anal others don't and that is okay!

Thank you traveling with us today on Into Ur-Anus: Journey To The Inner Rim

Have a safe exploration out there and don't forget the lube!