50 Shades Starter Kit

50 Shades Starter Kit

Laura ReekerJul 4, '19

Okay so we have all read 50 shades by now or at least watched the movies. Sure we all want spice things up in the bedroom, but where to start?

Here is a little list to get your collection started.


Simple yet effective way of  taking one sense away and heightening the others.  Try caressing your partner with a feather or run a pinwheel across your their erogenous zones for a different flavor of pleasure. Play with their sense of smell by using a nice massage oil or burning candle to enhance the mood.  Whisper softly and breathe heavily next to their ear while you tell them all the things you want to try.



Tying your partner up can be as easy as a pair of metal handcuffs or as fun as some bondage rope and a kneeling two column leg tie. Depending on how advanced you and your partner are wanting to get. You can even try an under the bed restraint system that will be ready to go when you are.  Always remember when using any restraint techniques, communication and trust with your partner is priority number one.

Ben Wa Balls

Yes, it’s true some women use these as a vaginal dumbbell, but here we are going to suggest them as a much sexier way to connect with your partner.  There are an assortment of balls out there to be used during intercourse, or even before hand on a date. Thats right, there are beads with remotes and even apps so they can be discreetly controlled to add a little fun to this years holiday party! Other options may have a weight within the ball to create a natural vibration with movement (also a great addition to dinner ad dancing).  Some styles with a retrieval string that can be used for a sext tug-of-war game.  

Paddles and floggers and whips oh my!

Some of you may be wincing at this point but it truly can be a pleasurable experience with trust and communication.  Some of us out there are going to like a little sting with every swing and others enjoy it for the sound or even just the act of paddling your partner and seeing their joy. Luckily there are options for all occasions, from harder leather paddles to a nice soft velvet  flogger.  Spanking doesn’t always have to be painful!

Anal Plug



These are fun for all partners involved, whether its a plug to be worn by her while out and about as your sexy little secret or  worn by him to give him as a prostate massager to give him that mind blowing orgasm. They may sound a little scary or intimidating, maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Believe me with trust between partners and a good lubricant these will give both parties an extra pep in their step the next day.  There are many shapes and sizes on the market, so please consult your partner and pick something out that will work for all involved.  Please make sure you are making a safe fun choice to experiment with.