Getting Out of a Slump

Getting Out of a Slump

Laura ReekerNov 20, '19

So, you’re remembering those hot, sticky nights. That hip thrusting, rubbing licking & rhythmic kind of sex that we all dream about. And you want that passion back! We all go through a slump from time to time — here are some ways to bring the passion back!


In our hectic lives these days, we do not slow down often enough and allow ourselves to just be, and feel, and breathe. We tune out. Good sex isn’t about any “move” or performance in the sack – it’s about knowing how to have fun, flirt and laugh with your partner. It’s about being able to relax and let yourself go in the moment. For a lot of us, just clearing out the brain for a few moments seems like work. But tune in. Tune in to your partner and the sensations and RELAX.


If there is a thing your partner does that you love, communicate that! Every body is different and there is no right/wrong way to do anything. Speak up- even if that might be hard for you. Maybe you are so focused on your partner’s pleasure (ladies?) that you have neglected your own. But if we don’t express our needs, we often end up settling for too little. Keep an open mind and know that you both are trying to achieve pleasure – in whatever form that might take. You never know, step out of your routine and your box and you might discover something new!


Feeling pretty and sexy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how comfortable you are in your own skin. All bodies are beautiful and deserving of celebration and pleasure. So do what makes you feel pretty. Ugly panties? Throw em out. Pretty panties that are uncomfortable? Throw em out! Wear that awesome new outfit. Get your hair did. Celebrate you and the skin you’re in. Feel good on the inside and the beauty permeates to the outside.


The center of our sex lives is the bedroom. But is your bedroom sexy? Optimized for your own romantic sexy fun time? Well, time to clean, organize and create a bedroom that invites intimacy. Move your sextoys to a convenient spot, adjust the lighting (maybe some sensual candles, a red bulb, or a blacklight). Create some ambiance and set yourself up for success.


Read, explore and continue to learn about human anatomy and response. Find a sex blogger who you can relate to. Enjoy erotica, photos, fetish or toys. Go to your local sex toy shop and ask questions. The adult pleasure market is ever-evolving and growing. You owe it to yourself to find out what you are missing. Be good to yourself – you deserve it!