Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Cat

Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Cat

Jake T.Dec 5, '22

Holiday Gift Guide the First

Deck the halls and close the windows!

The Pretty Pussycat is your one stop shop for all things fun, no matter who’s on your shopping list! Whether you’re shopping for a partner, a friend, a total stranger or the love of your life!

There’s no way I can come up with a list for each and every individual shopper – luckily I have three 6-sided dice:
   A red one stands for the people you might come in to shop for
   A white one stands for the type of gift you might be looking for
   A green one stands for your budget

Let’s generate some content!

First Roll
A complete stranger / Relatively inoffensive / As cheap as possible

I’m imagining a gift exchange at work, or maybe a new family member you don’t know? Either way, we’ve got to make sure the joke lands. Maybe check out:

Foothill Falls Wood Sticker: A rustic touch for any surface you’d stick a sticker! The real cherry and maple veneer is waterproof, flexible, and designed by outdoor illustrator Liam Ashurst (@liamashurst). A few other designs are available, but grab them while they last!

I CAN ONLY AFORD RAMEN AND EXPENSIVE MAKEUP Keychain Wallet: Get it together with this handy, sassy, lanyard-friendly wallet!

Apartment Sweet Apartment Motel Keychain: Adorable, retro-themed key fob with a cute little tassel. (Unsure if they live in an apartment? No worries, we’ve got other designs.)

Second Roll
Yourself! / Funny / Cheap (but not crap)

Love a good treat yourself moment! Though you’ll probably know your sense of humor better than we will… Still, I can think of a few nice things that make me smile (without going overboard – Lord knows we’ve got enough to spend money on this season…)

Merry Xmas, A**hole Lump of Coal: I love the snow, I love the spirit of the season, I love the warm fireplace and seasonal drinks… and I love this little coal lump.

Bring Me Wine and Tell Me I’m Pretty Pillow: Of course, your majesty; would you like another olive for your martini?

Loverboy’s Tony the Waiter: We can barely keep the realistically-sized and -textured Loverboys on the shelf. They’re easy on the budget, high-quality, and I think the little stories that come with each cock are hilarious.

Third Roll
Your lifelong partner / Something useful / A shiny, top-shelf gift

Oooh! You’ve got a little cash set aside for something nice – but you’re a utility gifter: you want something that might even get daily use. I’d definitely ask more about what your partner likes and dislikes, but right off the bat maybe check out:

All That Glimmers from Le Wand: A powerful, rechargeable wand vibrator – Le Wand’s best-selling Petite model, but it’s sparkly! Lightweight, cordless, and shower-friendly, pair with some massage glide for an intense back rub!

Liberator Liquid Velvet Sheets: When presentation is everything, this sheet and pillow cover set creates a perfect erotic playscape, and keeps your SFW sheets clean and safe. Machine washable, and safe for use with all lubricant and massage lotions.

Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Wand: Available in a few different crystal types, Yoni Wands enhance physical sensation during any form of massage. Whether for self-pleasure or partner experiences – and whether or not crystals are a part of your spiritual life – these beautiful massagers feel good no matter where you use them.



Most folks are surprised by how much we manage to cram into our little 3rd Street location – you can see most of it online! Come on in, or order for shipping or pickup – we’ve got a kit for every cat!