June Toy Roundup - PRIDE Edition

June Toy Roundup - PRIDE Edition

Jake T.Jun 6, '22

The Cat isn’t just your one-stop-shop for lubes, oils, gifts, props, plugs, cocks, costumes, vibes, suckers, floggers, whips, cuffs, collars, undies (both functional and decorative), clamps, candles, restraints, e-stim rigs, crystal massagers, and more. Our training includes certification by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health: we’ve been introduced to these pleasure tools in creative, gender-inclusive ways.

Our floor-to-ceiling options, each coded with their own brand’s marketing, can be a bit overwhelming at first. But I assure you: no question is too awkward when it comes to finding the ones which will work best for you, and we’re always here to have that conversation. As “Pride Month” kicks off, we want to encourage year-round pleasure, safety, and affirmation with some of our favorite binary-defying toys.


Exo Wave

This is a wearable sleeve “powered by human motion,” inspired by dysphoric experiences of the transfemme community.

Tie the plastic frame around your waist and insert your erect genitals into the soft silicone — it responds to the movements of the pelvis and tummy. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, your natural gyrating movements can create unique, hands-free experiences — without necessarily looking at or touching dysphoria-inducing areas.


I own one of these, and can attest to its learning curve: it may take a little patience to work seamlessly into your love life. The frame is notched to offer several custom sizes, but the rigid plastic body may not be comfortable on all body shapes. The narrow silicone sleeve would be pretty unforgiving for larger genitals. It’s still a creative and inclusive idea, and I can think of a few things we sell that could be MacGyver’ed into a similar contraption.


WAVE by Romp


A lightweight and ergonomic “layon” vibe.

While not as explicitly genderless as Starsi and the Exo Wearable, the Wave is an abstract shape and neutral color. It feels great in your palm and can deliver a variety of deep, rumbly vibes: a broad, leaf-like surface tapers into thin edges and a gentle point. Cover genitals, break up sore muscles, and stimulate with precision.

Romp specializes in high-quality toys at beginner-friendly price points. The Wave is compatible with water-based lube and is totally waterproof, for both land and sea adventures!

SILK by Sliquid Naturals

Not technically a toy but possibly the most important thing on my list!

Our bestseller: Sliquid’s purified-water-based lube, “hybridized” with silicone to make a little go a long way. Like anything, don’t let branding fool you: every body can benefit from additional lubrication during sex.

This non-staining hybrid is vegan and 100% free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, propylene glycol, parabens, sorbitol, and sulfates.

MELT by We-Vibe

We-Vibe’s air pulse toy brings exciting new sensations to genitals, nipples, and erogenous zones.

Melt easily fits in your (or a partner’s) hand, charges magnetically, and has simple buttons for manual control — or turn any phone, anywhere, into a remote with We-Vibe’s powerful app. The “business end” has a hole about as big as your thumbpad; a unique option for transmac toy seekers.


Discrete, app-controlled, public play for all!

Moxie slips comfortably into a pair of panties, and Bond’s adjustable band makes sizing easy. Use a connected phone’s mic to turn restaurant ambiance, thumping bass, even a voice into thrilling vibes. Silent and nearly invisible, they’re perfect for long-distance couples and solo adventures.

Your new accessory for the bedroom, the bar, the club, the office, the grocery store... Your imagination (and ability to keep quiet~) is the limit!

P7 by Avant

Wear your Ace pride in a whole new way!

This platinum-cured silicone butt plug is nonporous, even boilable, for easy cleaning and peace of mind. The pour is ultraclean, the colors of the Asexual pride flag crystal clear. It’ll warm to your body temperature, or try soaking it in warm water for a relaxing experience.

FLIP by Romp

Waterproof, rechargeable, and lightweight, this handheld wand packs a surprising punch.

Wands are great toys for intense stimulation of sore muscles and sensitive areas alike. Flip’s head is big enough to provide broad stimulation, even through clothing, and subtle enough to be inserted with a water-based lube. Once again Romp introduces a quality tool at a beginner-friendly price.

Multiple modes and intensities give you control over the stimulation, but be warned! Most folks looking for wands are looking for powerful vibrations, and (despite being battering-operated) the Flip will deliver!

STARSI by Cute Little Fuckers

Pronouns: Starsi

Loves: Napping and hiding things

A vibe for any body part, from genitals to chests, between and beyond!

Cover, stimulate, and map new erogenous areas in your own mind. Starsi’s pleasures are for all genders, but vibe-seekers with genital dysphoria tend to enjoy Starsi’s award-winning design. Starsi’s powerful, multi-speed bullet vibrator is removable, making cleanup and recharge super-easy. 100% medical-grade silicone is compatible with water, silicone, and hybrid lubes.

Since 2018, the Cute Little Fuckers have worked hard to make sex toys more personal, approachable, and gender-inclusive. Their pay-it-forward program makes pleasure tools accessible for low-income, transgender, POC, disabled, or single-mother individuals!