The Cat's top FAQ's

The Cat's top FAQ's

Jake T.Nov 2, '22

We get asked plenty of questions throughout the day, and you might be surprised how many 
repeat. Here are some frequently asked questions from our community!


How do I keep my toys clean?

You should clean your toys before and after each use. They attract all sorts of debris while
waiting for your next session, from hair and lint to bacteria, and we don’t want any of that in or
around your bod. We sell a variety of toy cleaners; you can also use warm water and
antibacterial hand soap Regardless of what you clean your toys with, always clean your toys after using them. This includes masturbators/strokers — always clean ‘em out!

If the toy is silicone (especially soft silicone) you might consider covering it in a renewing
powder or cornstarch. It prevents the toy from collecting dirt and preserves the silicone’s texture long-term. Make sure to wash the powder off completely before you play.


My last toy burnt out – how do I make sure that doesn’t happen again?

If the toy is rechargeable remove it from power as soon as the battery’s full. If your toy requires
separate batteries, remove them after play. This helps extend the toy’s and the batteries’ lifetime, and while we’re always happy to find you something new, it sucks having to rebuy something ‘cause it stopped working.

On the same note, if your toy came with a charging cable it’s important to only use that cable.
We usually sell chargers for Vedo toys, but it’s a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer’s
customer support to see if they offer replacements. Using cables that weren’t designed for your
toy, even if they fit, can overload and even blow out the battery. Dangerous! Not cute!
What kinds of penis pumps are there, and what are they for?

Penis pumps pull blood into the penis using the pressure created by a vacuum. The blood vessels swell, thus making a temporarily harder and larger erection. Some come with detachable cock rings to keep the blood in place, and others feel more like a masturbator: increased blood pressure increases the genitals’ sensitivity.

Traditional penis pumps create a vacuum with air pressure, sort of like a blood pressure cuff.
Water-based, or hydropumps, pull blood into the penis with more even distribution, minimizing
compression for increased safety.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst, in her excellent article for Healthline, tells us the medical name for
a penis pump is a “vacuum erection device,” and that they’re generally considered safe – but
might not be for everyone. Folks with erectile dysfunction find them super useful, as do
transmasc folks, and folks recovering from prostate surgery or radiation therapy. Kinksters have
come up with fun uses for them, too, as have your “vanilla” folks who just wanted a little
something extra~

However, the FDA cautions folks to avoid penis pumps if they have a history of blood disorders,
blood clots, take blood thinners, or conditions like priapism, which causes persistent and
sometimes painful erections. Over-pumping or too-frequent pumping can strain and even pop
blood vessels.

If you’re curious about a penis pump we recommend starting slow, to figure out what works for
you. We recommend that about most stuff, honestly: work your way up if you’re trying
something new.

What massage oil can I use as a lubricant?

Rub-downs can turn into sexy times pretty quickly, but not every massage oil is safe for internal
play. We recommend checking the ingredients for allergy triggers, astringents and dehydrating
agents, and other nice-smelling stuff you don’t necessarily want inside of you.
For something that does it all, we recommend Nuru, by Jo. Dame has a Sex Oil we enjoy as
well, and the silicone-based Überlube, while technically an intimate lubricant, stands up to
friction and dries with a moisturizing effect. Keep in mind that silicone lubes stain fabrics, and
may take a thorough shower to wash off. Guess you’ll just have to get another rubdown in the
shower ¯\_(ツ)_/¯