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Quirky Gifts

Pretty Pussycat is pleased to offer a plethora of party gags!  We have a lot of weird stuff that we just don't know how to classify.  Enjoy our oddities.

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  1. Apartment Sweet Apartment Motel Keychain
  2. Beers to 40 Years Pint Glass
  3. Cascadia Flag
  4. Complaint Department Sign
  5. Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom Candle
  6. Drunk In Love Wine Stopper
  7. Frida Kahlo Candle
  8. Fun Club Parenting Pen Set
  9. Fun Club Saint Overdraftia Candle
  10. Fun Club Saint Sweatpantsia Candle
  11. Fun Club Saint Therapia Candle
  12. Glitzy Personal Ahh!-larms
  13. Golden Girls - Rose Candle
  14. Have A Dope Day Bitch Bag