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Repeat after me: I will not participate in anal play without lube.

All About that Base

One of the most important things to look for when buying an anal toy is the base. All anal toys should have a flared base, or flange, that is twice the diameter of the toy to keep them from being sucked up your butt. Think of your ass as a black hole; without something to stop it, a toy can get sucked in and lost in the depths of time and space! (Well, just in your body. But it will still require an awkward trip to the doctor to retrieve it.) 

Anal beads come either on a silicone strand or on a more flexible string strand.. By slowly putting anal beads into your butt and then slowly pulling them out, you can mimic the movements your sphincter muscles make during orgasm. Many people remove anal beads at the point of climax to intensify orgasm, but they can be used during any point in play. While still wide, the flange of anal beads often comes in a ring that you can hold onto for extra control. When choosing anal beads, take a look at the size of the smallest and the largest bead. While you never have to insert all of the beads, make sure at least the smallest bead is a comfortable size for you to insert.

Large Jeweled Butt Plug


Unicorn Tails Plug

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