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Aphrodisiacs - An A-Z

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Aphrodisiacs is a fun and sexy romp through the world of natural libido enhancers, perfect to keep at your bedside table or even in the kitchen! Throughout centuries, all over the world, men and women have used food, oils, scents, ointments, and charms to have hotter sex, and the list goes beyond oysters and chocolate:

Mango: believed in India to heighten sex drive and stamina
Avocado: a popular sexual stimulant among the Spanish conquistadors
Hashish: renowned in Morocco for releasing inhibitions and increasing sensation
Arabian coffee: loved by African Sufis for its invigorating effect
Cardamom: tea brewed from this sultry spice is said to have aphrodisiac qualities
And many more!

This comprehensive, colorful guide details the scandalous hidden histories behind hundreds of nature’s most powerful libido boosters. It is sure to bring pleasure and excitement to your love life, whether you’re looking to spice things up with your lover or are curious about what sexy surprises are already waiting in your kitchen cupboard.  


Linda Louisa Dell