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Apple Juicie Fruitz Set

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  • $25.00

Apple Juicie Fruitz Green Blacklight Wet Vinyl Pastie and Panty Lingerie Set

Look like the ultimate summer sweet treat in our UV Reactive Neon Juicy Fruities Naughty Knix. With full flavors like Apple Fruitella with strawberry trim topping, Strawberry Fruitella with an orange trim glaze, and Lemon Fruitella with rainbow trim sprinkles, you'll look FRESH AF. Fruity is the new fab!

Why Are They So Awesome?

  • Set includes a NEON AF G-String Thong and MATCHING NEON AF X-Factor  Nipztix Pasties that will have everyone blinded by the (UV) light!

  • SUPER SEXY & COMFORTABLE THONG: With a NEON AF wet vinyl self and uv reactive  trim, these high-cut 80's vibin' thongs are perfect for either day wear an  sexy-times ;) Note: We modeled these on our tiny elves, so the sizes run small.

  • COMFORTABLE, LONG LASTING PASTIES: Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application using the highest quality Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic, and Latex Free Adhesive. Easy and painless to remove. With these WATERPROOF pasties that last 8-12 hours, you'll leave your friends and lovers blinded by the light!

  • MADE IN USA AND FEMALE OWNED & OPERATED: All Naughty Knix are created with love in Sunny California using locally sourced fabrics.  Match with your fav Neva Nude products: Glitz Grenade, Naughty Knix, Crystals, & BodiStix for multiple nights on the town!

  • GIVE THE GIFT OF KNIX: These adorably packaged sets make the perfect gift for bae, bridal babes, or festival fashionistas! They are NEON AF, making you the brightest bia in the batch!