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Buckin Bronco Floaty

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Yee-haw! Saddle up for America’s favorite least-active outdoor activity…river tubing! At 4 feet across, this Buckin’ Bronco is the ideal width tube for relaxing in just about any position—especially the thirsty one. Instead of fur pelts, we built it using ultra-thick, heavy-duty vinyl construction for durability without sacrificing any personality. Even better, we included a few key features on this stud to get you from “Hay” to B… When the goin’ gets tough, the built-in mesh seat helps keep that booty off of the rocks. Lean back, recline, and do pretty much nothing while we handle floatie duties. The Grab n’ Latch rope around the perimeter of the tube means you’ll never get separated from herd—especially at drop-in and exit points. So link up and drink up! A rigid cupholder keeps those red cups from getting crushed while staying upright—having an ice-cold drink nearby is a must when those temps crack triple digits.