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Cheeky One-Way Flow Douche

  • $29.00

Cheeky One-Way Flow Douche

Enjoy a sexy and comfortable cleaning experience with the Cheeky™ One-Way Flow Douche. This innovative system allows for effortless hygiene, making it perfect for intimate moments.

The Cheeky One-Way Flow Douche is a must-have for any anal cleansing routine. With its revolutionary one-way valve, enjoy a mess-free and hygienic experience. The slender nozzle prevents leaks for added convenience. Say goodbye to backflow and hello to a more confident and sexy you.

This sleek cleaning system makes staying fresh a breeze with its easy assembly and disassembly for thorough cleaning. The comfortable and precise control over the flow makes it a must-have for intimate hygiene.

With a capacity to hold up to 7.3 fl. the Cheeky™ One-Way Flow Douche is well-suited for effective cleansing, catering to a variety of needs.