Geo Fabric Face Mask

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SKU: MSK-345 Daisy Corsets

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Approx 5" tall x 7" wide for the fabric covering.

Our face masks feature 2 layers of fabric and stretchy ear loops.

*NEW* Adjustable Ear Loop Design - Make the ear loops larger or smaller by moving the plastic piece. This works to make the mask fit kids as well!

There is a 3rd layer that is a pocket on the inside to put a filter in.

The filter pocket and inside lining are both 100% Cotton. The third, outer layer, is polyester.

All of our masks are washable and reusable.

Our masks are not medically certified. They are not certified to prevent or cure any disease. Use at your own discretion.

We recommend hand washing your mask in warm water with soap and laying it flat or hanging to dry. Putting your mask in the washing machine or dryer could damage or shrink your mask.