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Pride Make Up Bag

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  • $20.00

Pride Cosmetic Pouch

Pride Is Always In Fashion is a cosmetic pouch that's all about showing off your Pride. Whether you're an LGBTQ+ ally or someone who identifies as queer, we've got you covered with this vibrant and eye-catching bag. It's perfect for holding your makeup, but it also makes a great accessory to any outfit.

Even if you aren't planning on going anywhere special, [product name] is still the perfect way to show off your pride in style. It's durable, waterproof, and built to last—so even if you don't get a chance to take it out of your bag, it'll still make a statement when it's sitting next to everything else in there!

Additional Info

  • Material: 100% cotton

  • Do not bleach, dry flat

  • Handwash or spot clean.