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Feminine PH Test Strips

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  • $22.00

Optimize your vaginal health with pH balance test strips for women. Designed and recommended by pelvic health specialist, Dr. Amanda Olson. Feminine pH test strips make it easy and simple to monitor women’s acidity and alkalinity balance at any time. 

Use Vaginal pH Test Strips in the Comfort of Your Home. Be proactive with PH Test strips as the first step toward early detection and support for BV. * Detect Elevation in Vaginal pH Quickly and Easily. Support for odor, irritation, dryness, or discharge before it starts.

Accurate Results in Minutes. Take a swab, place on test strip, and match the color coded result.

Convenient Packaging Makes It Easy To Use Wherever You Are. Each purchase includes 50 vaginal swabs and 50 tests strips