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Fleshlight Mr. Limpy - Medium skin tone

  • $24.00

Fleshlight Mr. Limpy - Medium skin tone

Look who's packing!

Made from the same skin-soft SuperSkin material used to create Fleshlight toys, Mr. Limpy has the realistic look and feel of a flaccid penis. Just like the product itself, Mr. Limpy's uses are very flexible.

The ultimate realistic limp penis comes without the excuses, but feels just as realistic as the real thing. Whether you dance with it, play with it, pack it, or just need a good paperweight, contrary to any experiences you may have had, the uses for Limpy are limitless.   Buy it for your bachelor party, as a packer, give it as a gag gift, challenge your friends to a cock fight with it, or simply dance the night away with our favorite mister.