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Gender X Gold Digger Metal Plug

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  • $38.00

Gender X Gold Digger Metal Plug

Sleek & stylish – everything you want in a body-safe metal plug that features a sparkling black gem at the base! Savor the bulbous, nonporous, shiny shaft that with incremental bulbs that look shapely and feel even better. Discover how this shapely metal sculpted plug can enhance your erotic play time and try sensation play by warming or cooling your plug first with water. 


  • Length: 4.14", Depth: 1.25", Width: 1.25"
  • Insertable: 3.75", .9" diameter


  • Length: 4.6", Depth: 1.37", Width: 1.37"
  • Insertable 4.25", 1" diameter


  • Length: 5.3", Depth: 1.57", Width: 1.57"
  • Insertable: 4.75", over 1" diameter(1.1")