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NuNip Peek A Boo Piercing Pasties

  • $25.00

NuNip Peek A Boo Piercing Pasties

Get ready to spice things up with our NuNip Peek-A-Boo Piercing Nude Nipple Reusable Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties! Not your typical pasties, these are a declaration, a mood, and a daring tribute to your fearless self.

Featuring super soft silicone, these pasties provide a natural feel while adding irresistible charm. The star attraction? A dazzling diamond piercing through a silicone nipple, giving the impression of a Peek A Boo Nip and a daring piercing, all concealed beneath a stylish tank top.

Whether you're hitting the festival scene, dominating a night out, or just feeling that spontaneous burst of confidence, these pasties are your secret weapon. Reusable, reliable, and radiating allure – it's time to let your style do the talking.

Peel, stick, and let the diamond dazzle! NuNip Peek-A-Boo Piercing Nude Nipple Reusable Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties are here to add a touch of glamour and a whole lot of confidence to your every move.

Ready to slay with sophistication? Because at Neva Nude, we believe in empowering every bold soul to shine bright, be bold, and embrace their unique style. ????

  • BIOMECHANICAL GENIUS: Super duper thin edges for a seamless look and feel!

  • COMFORTABLE AF: Invisible look so no more nips slips or cutting ice! BuhBye Bra!

  • SKIN SAFE: Like all Neva Nude products, they will love your skin with our medical grade silicone. 

  • PAPARAZZI Ready: Gloss was sooo 2019! Nude Nipztix have a  BEAUTIFUL matte finish so they won't reflect or show through clothing! 

  • REUSABLE: Made from REUSABLE silicone! Treat them with love and you'll get to wear them hella times!