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Pjur Woman Lust Stimulating Gel

  • $40.00

Pjur Woman Lust Stimulating Gel

Pjur Woman Lust. Sensational, long-lasting clitoral stimulation. Water-based stimulation gel. The long-lasting, passionate experience for women. Experience pure tingling sensations thanks to the stimulating combination of ingredients. With a high proportion of natural, premium ingredients. Suitable for sex toys. For external use.

  • For sensational, long-lasting clitoral stimulation
  • For long & pleasurable tingling sensations
  • To increase the desire of female stimulation and orgasm
  • Without Lidocaine and Benzocaine

Good to know:

A main special ingredient ⊲ Natural origin from Brazil No synthetic effect, pure naturalness

Color of the formulation ⊲ The main ingredient naturally has a strong coloration which is reflected in the product itself.

This is a sign of quality and an indication for the natural ingredients.

Safe for sex toys ⊲ Due to its waterbased formulation 

Safe for oral sex ⊲ Not edible, but suitable for minor oral intake

The stimulation effect ⊲ causes a long-lasting and intense tingling sensation which lasts up to 15 minutes

Effect for penis owner ⊲ It is not intended for internal use. For external use only. If it is applied to the penis, the penis owner will also experience a tingling effect

How to remove ⊲ Simply rinse with lukewarm water or wipe off

Compatible with lube ⊲ No

What to do if it gets into the eyes ⊲ May cause burning. Rinse eyes thoroughly with water immediately. Consult a doctor in worst case

Allergens, such as cinnamon ⊲ Not included