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Rejuvenate in Luxurious Softness With Satin Tulip Short Set Sleepwear

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  • $45.00

With a high-cut tulip short and a flyaway back camisole, this soft satin 2-piece set makes bedtime so much sweeter.

Treat yourself with the most indulgent sleep experience. Soft and inviting, Satin Tulip Short Set Sleepwear will keep you looking cool while feeling cozy all night long. 

Get ready for an unparalleled sleeping experience with our Satin Tulip Short Set Sleepwear. Inspired by luxury and comfort, these PJs provide gentle and breathable fabric that allows you to stay cool while you sleep. Relax in style with the beautiful silhouette of these sleepwear pieces and drift off into dreamland without a worry in mind.

Sleep soundly in luxurious softness with Satin Tulip Short Set Sleepwear. The light and airy fabric allows your skin to breathe while you rest, so you can wake up feeling refreshed like never before. Soft on the skin and delicate to the touch, our comfortable PJs promote quality sleep for a well-deserved beauty rest.