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Ally Pride Lanyard Keychain

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Rainbow Ally  pride lanyard

Rainbow lanyards are here to show off your pride, and we want to help you do that. We know that being a rainbow ally can be tough, especially when you're not sure how to show it in a way that's meaningful and visible.

The Rainbow Ally lanyard is the perfect way to show your support for LGBTQ+ individuals everywhere. The rainbow symbol has become synonymous with pride for good reason—it represents all of us who feel like we don't fit into traditional ideas about gender or sexuality, who have been told there is only one way to be who we are.

But now you can show off your pride by wearing this lanyard around your neck! When people ask what it means, you can tell them exactly why it matters so much: You're proud to support LGBTQ+ people everywhere, and they should be too.

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