The Little Black Book of Sex Toys


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Unlock your body's potential with The Little Black Book of Sex Toys! If seedy, tasteless sex shops come to mind when you think of sex toys, FORGET what you know! The sex toy world has drastically changed in the past several years and we now have respectful, boutique-like shops popping up all around the world carrying beautiful, chic, high-quality toys. This book will gently guide you through over 50 different toys (from vibrators to massagers, and from dildos to insertable g-spot multi-taskers!) to help you discover what you (and your partner) may like. With roughly 70% of women not reaching orgasm through intercourse alone, it begs to borrow a phrase from the Beatles: sometimes you just need a little help from your friends! With all the stress in life, why not add a bit more playfulness to the mix?