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  1. I'm Too Magical For This! Holographic Sticker
  2. Shit Show Sticker
  3. Fuck Cancer Sticker
  4. Cosmic Vagina Sticker
  5. Willie Nelson Die Cut Sticker
  6. Sounds Gay, I'm In Sticker
  7. Outward Smiles, Inward Screams Sticker (funny)
  8. Frida Flower Crown Die Cut Sticker
  9. HE/THEY Pinback Button
  10. Day Drinking Sticker
  11. Dolly Parton Sticker
  12. Freddie Yellow Suit Die Cut Sticker
  13. Saint Whatevsia Sticker
  14. Gnome Grown - Poster - Mike Dubois - 24" X 36"
  15. Fuck All Y'all Trans Pride Sticker
  16. Roller Skates Die Cut Sticker
  17. Unicorn Die Cut Sticker
  18. Freddie Mercury Die Cut Sticker
  19. Kill Bill Sticker
  20. Echoes of the Dark Side of the Moon Poster - 32"x22"