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How To Clean And Care For Your Toy

How To Clean And Care For Your Toy

| Jessica S
Cleaning your sex toys may not always be what you want to do in your post-coital bliss but your toy and your body will be thankful for it in the long run!

How To Clean And Care For Your Toy

Reasons To Clean Your Toys

  1. Cleaning your toys after use is SEXY ! No one wants to be in the mood and reach for a toy that needs to be cleaned first! 
  2. Cleaning your toys get rid of fungi and bacteria that can linger and cause UTI's and yeast infections.
  3. Cleaning and proper care for your toy can lower your risk of getting an STI or STD from toy sharing.
  4. Cleaning your toys can help them last longer

Cleaning Basics

Whenever you go to clean a new toy always check the manufactures recommendations when it comes to care and cleaning! 

Clean your new toy before using for the first time!

CONDOMS! Condoms are your friend when your sharing toys with others!

Always check if the toy is submergible! Avoid submerging battery operated toys and getting water in electrical ports unless the manufacturer says it is submergible.

Most toys can be cleaned with an unscented antibacterial soap and warm water, however cleaning your toy with a toy cleaner can be safer for your toy and your body. 

If you're in a hurry and just need a quick wipe down in your post-coital bliss try using a toy wipe. 

Make sure you air dry your toy and it is completely dry before storing.

If your toy is battery operated always make sure to remove the batteries before storage

Store your toys in a cloth bag/pouch or a storage box. Store them in a cool dark place because light and heat can breakdown materials. 


 How To Clean Different Materials

Knowing what your toy is made of will make cleaning your toy easier! 

Always check the manufacturer recommendations on cleaning your toys!

100% Silicone: 

Toys that are made of 100% silicone with no electrical components can be sanitized! Clean with a toy cleaner and warm water or put on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Boil for 5 minutes and voila sanitized! 

If your 100% silicone toy has an electrical component (vibrates, batteries). Clean with a good toy cleaner and warm water and allow to air dry. If you're in a hurry 


Not all silicone toys are 100% silicone some are blends! Using a condom can make for easier clean up. Wash with a toy cleaner and warm water.


If you can use a condom with these toys it's highly recommended because it is a porous material. Clean before and after use. Wash with a toy cleaner or anti-bacterial soap and warm water. This material can be become sticky so make sure to dust with a toy powder. 

Fleshlights & Packers

For Fleshlights if the sleeve is removable, remove it from its container. Run the sleeve under warm water , make sure it's not hot! Let the water overfill the sleeve and rinse for about 30 seconds. 

Next fill it with water cover the hole(s) and shake for 10 seconds before draining and give it another good rinse!

Finish washing with a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner . Then let that baby air dry

For storage make sure to use a little toy powder on the sleeve! Always make sure that it is a cornstarch based toy powder.

For Fleshlight case use warm water and a toy cleaner and let air dry. 

For Packers follow the same instructions for Fleshlight sleeve!

Glass, Metals, Wood, Ceramic

Wash with warm water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner! Some glass toys can be boiled but always double check  with manufacturer recommendations!

Nylon and Cloth

Materials usually found in harnesses and bondage toys. Make sure to check cleaning instructions. Most are machine washable, using a lingerie bag will keep them from getting tangled. Always air dry! 

Leather & Vegan Leather

Leather and vegan leather are hard to sanitize!

For leather use a leather soap cleaner allow to dry and follow with a leather conditioner

For vegan leather use a anti-bacterial unscented soap and warm water and a cloth. Make sure to get seams and allow to air dry. Wipe down with silicone oil/lube to bring back the shine!


Soak in hot soapy water for 5 minutes. Rinse with fresh water and allow to air dry or dry with a clean cloth. Never use harsh soaps or boiling water!

Vinyl & Latex

Latex is a handwash only item! You'll want to use a latex safe detergent and warm water to clean your item and then rinse until the water runs clean. To finish cleaning you'll want a little bit of water and a silicone oil to keep it shiny and flexible. Air dry on a wooden hanger, pat dry if you'd like to avoid water stains. 

  • For long term storage use a toy powder to keep it looking new!

When cleaning vinyl use warm water and an antibacterial soap let air dry. Dust with a toy powder for storage. 

Specialty Items

Depending on your impact toy there can be a lot going on for example a cat o' nine tails. The best way to clean your impact toys is to spray down the tips with hydrogen peroxide whip off with a cloth and allow to air dry overnight. 

  • If your impact toy got bodily fluids on it clean with a foam toy cleaner first!
  • If it's leather after you've used hydrogen peroxide and it has air dried make sure to condition
  • If it's plastic/rubber use a 10% bleach solution instead of hydrogen peroxide (1 part bleach to 9 parts water)

For tails whether it's faux fur or real fur it's important to not overly soak the tail in water. Using a damp cloth gently rub down the fur. Dry using a hair dryer on low heat. Once it is completely dry , brush with a bristle brush to keep your tail fluffy. 

  • To Sanitize spray with rubbing alcohol and wipe down


Always check what the manufacturers recommendations for cleaning are!

Always clean your toys this will lengthen the longevity ! 

If you have any question stop  in to the Pretty Pussycat we are always happy to help! 




Happy Cleaning! 

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