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Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Vibrating Diamond

  • $65.00

Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One Vibrating Diamond

Feel like absolute royalty as you embrace your inner Goddess. We’re on a mission to empower women, and encourage them to explore all of their most cherished and pleasurable desires. And as you blossom, you’ll continue to find new parts of your sexuality, like a whirlwind of deeply personal introspection. What a delightful adventure!

So why not add a touch of sparkle to your solo self-care routine with the Twenty One Vibrating Diamond? This clit stimulator is unique, discreet, and whisper-quiet for those intimate moments.

Take things slow and sensual with its flat surface that caresses your erogenous zones effortlessly, the side surface for a little more stimulation and pleasure, or the rounded edge for some intense euphoria that’ll take you over the proverbial edge.Go on a sensual journey with our tantalising Twenty One vibrating diamond, a clitoral vibrator that has only one goal in mind: your pleasure!

We carefully curate and design clit vibrators and clit stimulators to tease and please your most erotic sweet spot. Our clit toy is


Product Features

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable