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Double Striped Wavy Skirt

  • $22.00
Baby Blue/White
Light Pink/White

Double Striped Wavy Skirt

Innocent double-striped wavy mini skirt in black, baby blue, or light pink with white stripes is playful and trendy. The double stripes and wavy design add movement and dimension to the skirt, while the color options offer versatility to suit different personal styles and occasions.

For a school girl or cheerleader-inspired look, you can pair the skirt with a simple white blouse or t-shirt, knee-high socks or stockings, and white sneakers or loafers. For a more elevated look, you can pair it with a fitted crop top or sweater and heels.

 Add a headband or scrunchie in a matching color to tie the look together. A backpack or tote bag can also be a great addition to complete the school girl or cheerleader-inspired look.

Overall, a double-striped wavy mini skirt is a fun and playful fashion item that can add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. The versatility in color options allows for a range of styling possibilities, making it a great addition to any wardrobe.

  • one size