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Bareback Bra Set

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  • $52.00

Bareback Bra Set

This 4 pc lingerie set is a  a perfect choice for a romantic evening or special occasion.

The microfiber and lace underwire bra with adjustable straps and hook-n-eye back will provide support and shaping to the bust while also offering comfort and a customizable fit. The matching adjustable side strap garterbelt is a sensual addition that adds to the overall look and feel of the set. The cage back panty adds an element of sexiness and intrigue, while still providing comfort and practicality.

Wearing this set under a dress on a Friday night is a great idea to ensure that you're ready for any romantic moment that may arise. Overall, this Bareback Bra Set is a beautiful and sensual choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and sexiness to their intimate wear collection.

Microfiber and lace underwire bra with adjustable straps and hook-n-eye back, includes matching adjustable side strap garterbelt, cage back cotton lined panty and pantyhose.

  • 95% POLY, 5% ELASTANE