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Low Back Bra Extender

  • $8.95

Our Low Back Bra Extender is the Bra Strap Extension solution for Low Back Dresses! Go low with our adjustable Low Back Bra Converter! Instantly convert any back-closure bra for use underneath low-back tops and dresses. The adjustable Low Back Bra Strap Extender connects to your bra strap’s hook-and-eye, and wraps around the front to create a low-back design. Our Low Back converter is the best on the market catering for all shapes and sizes given the length of our adjustable strap. Our Low Back Bra Extender has a total adjustable bra strap length of 99.0cm. To use: 1. Connect the Low Back Converter to your bra’s back closure straps 2. Bring the Low Back Converter Straps around to your front and fasten 3. Adjust the Low Back Converter by using the slide adjustment for comfort One hook-and-eye making it suitable for 1, 2 or 3 hook closure bras. Care: Hand wash & line dry