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Unclockable Tuck Kit

  • $30.00

Unclockable Tuck Kit- 7 Set

Stay Tucked with Tuck Kit, the only all-in-one tucking product made in an FDA-registered facility. 👙 Swim-Proof 🏋️ Gym-Proof 🏳️‍⚧️ Life-Proof. Ultra breathable pre-cut rayon & cotton keep you clean, comfortable, and confidently tucked.

Wear your favorite feminine styles without a gaff and with no bulge. Enjoy zero panty line under panties, lace lingerie, leggings, jeans, tight skirts, dresses, and bikinis. Tuck Kit even stops unwanted erections, if applied while flaccid.

 Additional Details:

Confidently & Securely Express Yourself

    Guaranteed Swim-Proof & Gym-Proof. Tuck Kit is the only tucking tape product that lasts 4 hours underwater or while exercising, or up to 12 hours when dry. Be ready for beach and pool Gender Euphoria in your bikini or one-piece bathing suit! Tuck Kit even stays tucked up to 2 hours while in a hot tub 

    Comfort That Lasts Hours

    Breathable and stretchable fabric contours to your body, and then stays for up to 10 hours

    Sensitive Skin Approved

    Strong but gentle pain-free adhesive is specially formulated to stay in place while also allowing for ouch-free removal. It’s pressure sensitive, so it stays perfectly in place once you press it to your skin 

    Exercise-Proof Tuck

    One strip is all you need, even during swim, yoga, weightlifting, or squats!

    Bathroom Breaks

    Protect your sensitive skin with included sterile non-stick cotton pads which allow for easy removal and re-tucking yourself after using the restroom, up to three times per wear. Simply pull down from the back section, and then pull back up to re-apply 

    Easy, One-Size Fitting

    Because of its patented taper and contour, Tuck Kit can be applied lower or higher on the front of the body to ensure a perfect fit. Happy Tuck Kit customers range from 120 lbs (54 kg) to 300 lbs (136 kg), and everywhere in between. All models are non-op.

    Convenient On-The-Go

    Each Tuck Kit pack comes with individually wrapped all-in-one Tuck Kits each including a T-Tape strip and a cotton pad. Easily fold one into a purse to bring a spare tuck with you on the go!


    Every kit comes with individually packaged single-use T-Tape strips, sterile cotton pads, and an illustrated how-to guide


    • T-Tape is 7.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches long and stretches 180% in length to 21 inches
    • Hypoallergenic & Latex free. Cotton & rayon blend
    • Designed in the USA.