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Womanizer Wave Shower Head

  • $120.00

Womanizer Wave Shower Head

Womanizer Wave is the total package - showerhead and water massage clitoral stimulator rolled into one! Get ready to explore your body in an unprecedented way with touchless bliss. With a wide variety of settings, you'll be taken on an incredible journey to orgasmic peaks without ever being overstimulated. PleasureJet and PleasureWhirl provide out-of-this-world stimulation, while the PowderRain setting gives you a truly luxurious shower. Thanks to hansgrohe's market-leading bathroom expertise, every setting is tuned to perfection. And guess what - Wave can be used as a regular showerhead or as a pleasure toy! Discreet and stylish, you get the shower experience of your dreams, plus creative orgasms! It's simple to use, too - switch between settings with the one-button control and smoothly increase intensity with the slide adjuster, going from teasing to intense in a flash!

  • Unique 2-in-1 function

    Wave is a top-of-the-range shower head and a water-pressure clitoral massager – the only product of its kind

  • Engineered by Experts

    The world's best shower meets the world's number one pleasure brand for the ultimate self-care routine

  • Ergonomic shape

    Shower head designed for comfortable one-handed control for effortless water massage stimulation

  • Intuitive controls

    Enjoy a variety of sensations with 3 different water jets and pressure intensities – at the touch of a button

  • Saves water

    EcoSmart tech uses 60% less water than conventional shower heads while retaining optimum performance

  • Effortless Installation

    Simply switch out your old shower head for Wave – easy!