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Chrome Metal Nipple Clamps

  • $20.00

Chrome Metal Nipple Clamps

Enjoy nipple play with these Chrome Metal Nipple Clamps. Perfect for beginners! Test your limits, or your partners with this BDSM basic. Rubber tipped for comfort these clamps are a great introductory accessory! 

For thos leaning towards masochist or submissive roles give this toy a try! Though anyone can enjoy the teasing torment of a nipple play! 

The thumb-screws allow you to adjust the pressure on each nipple, while a connector chain gives you something to tug on as climax nears. Not just for nipples if you let your imagination go and get creative together!

Pair with cuffs, bed restraints and/or a blindfold for an extra tantilizing sensory filled night together!

Additional Information

  • Perfect for nipple stimulation and may be used in other sensitive areas
  • Non Slip Nipple clamps in shiny chrome
  • Rubber covering on tips aloows for better grip
  • Hand clean