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Kama Sutra Erotica

  • $24.99
The original Kama Sutra, written in the 2nd Century CE, gets a totally modern, totally erotic update in Anne Hooper's newest, beautifully photographed edition. A virtual - and sensual - feast of lovemaking takes you from flirtation to lust to passion and ecstasy, with dramatic images illustrating every intimate moment along the way.

Hooper, a best-selling author and noted sex therapist, makes the ancient text accessible for modern lovers, discussing how the extreme sensuality propounded by the Kama Sutra affects our bodies, minds, and even our spirituality. Explicit depictions of the top Kama Sutra poses are supplemented by other position from equally renowned Eastern texts. Six special extended features also teach you how to transition through positions to maximize pleasure for both you and your partner. Through techniques, positions, turn-ons and more, you'll reach a new state of intimacy and sexual bliss. Lovemaking will never be the same!2