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Oxballs Airlock Air-Lite Vented Chastity

  • $96.00

Oxballs Airlock Air-Lite Vented Chastity

Introducing the newest addition to our best-selling AIR offering...AIRLOCK. AIRLOCK is a super blubbery, soft cage that's lightweight and ventilated. A built-in sling at the base creates a snug grip and keeps AIRLOCK in place. Holes throughout the shaft and at the tip double as drainage holes or to fit electro contacts. Bright color combinations and eye-catching design stand out and grab attention in your current offering. The soft material and affordable price point make this cage great for newbies looking to experiment with chastity.

"Secure your play with ultimate comfort in our Oxballs Airlock Air-Lite Vented Chastity. Newest addition to our AIR line, this device features a built-in sling at the base for added support. Made of soft, fleshy plus+SILICONE™ for a snug fit, with ventilation holes perfect for drainage or electro play. Bold color combinations and a larger design make this device stand out in every way!"

Product Dimensions:

    Width: 2.5"/ 65mm
  • Height: 4.5"/ 10cm
  • Depth: 2"/5cm
  • Shaft hole Circumference (inner): 3.5"/ 9cm
  • Shaft hole Circumference (outer): 6.5"/17cm
  • Ball hole circumference (inner): 3.8"/ 10cm
  • Ball hole circumference (outer): 6"/15cm
  • Weight: 3oz/85g