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Max VR SenseBand

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  • $60.00

SenseBand is an interactive wristband with VR compatibility that allows you to enjoy adult content in a completely new way. Thanks to its discreet design and lightweight execution, this revolutionary wristband is the ultimate pleasure device that fits in wherever you go. Extend your hand’s powers and take your traditional handiwork to a new level. Its motion sensor technology and Bluetooth capability allow SenseBand to be connected to the Sense Lovers app on your smartphone. The application features a comprehensive library of customizable adult content, both real and animated, where you can interact with the characters in 180° and 360° videos. For the ultimate interactive synchronized pleasure, pressing the MAX button for 3 seconds will take you to the most intense scene in the video, taking your orgasm to mind-blowing new heights.

SenseMax’s vibrating VR-compatible masturbator, SenseTube, is equipped with the latest motion sensing technology, designed to enhance your intimate experiences and allow you to play an active role in the erotic theater of your mind. Its modern design, soft outer shell for excellent control, and strong vibration capabilities make SenseTube one of the most revolutionary masturbators. SenseTube is a technologically enhanced male masturbator that goes beyond traditional sexual intimacy products. It is compatible with SenseMax’s Sense Ecosystem, meaning that you can interactively synchronize your SenseTube with the free virtual reality-enabled app for customizable adult content and Sense VR headset to simulate physical intimacy. The Bluetooth function in SenseTube allows you to connect it to the Sense Lovers app on your phone, which you can then insert into Sense VR or any other VR headset.

Strong grip or soft strokes? You choose! Thanks to its realistically stretchy sleeve and the soft shell that surrounds it, SenseTube has the perfect tactile responsiveness. Shift gears and choose between 5 different vibrating modes with speeds and pulses for that perfect stimulation. Feel like going hands-free? Use SenseMax’s Wall Mount to support your SenseTube in the shower, on the table or any other surface. Take your orgasm to new heights with the climax button. After pressing the MAX button for 3 seconds, SenseTube will automatically jump to the most intense scene in the app to give you that maximum pleasure.