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Sex & Mischief Pearl Day Collar

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  • $30.00

Sex & Mischief Pearl Day Collar

Live in obedient opulence with the Sex & Mischief Pearl Day Collar!

 Feel the lap of luxury with imitation pearls and gilded chain decorating your neck, all connected by a cryptic lock and key symbolizing your commitment to your partner.

Prefer discretion? Wrap the pearls around your wrist, latch the chain, and manifest your servitude with a chic bracelet collar. Be a sexy reminder that someone's thinking about you in a not so-innocent way.

Pair with lingerie or a multitude of toys!

Additional Information

  • Color: White/Gold
  • Adjustable length 9" to 20"
  • Material: Iron, Zinc Alloy, ABS
  • Spot Clean