Sex Yourself



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The ABC's of everyone's favorite fantasy -- a hip and informative guide for the perfect threesome. A step-by-step guide to realizing the new American dream, The Threesome Handbook is the first book to give tri-curious men and women the inside scoop on threesomes. As threesomes have finally slipped into the mainstream on TV, in magazines, movies, and just about every respectable blog, sexuality historian and threesome dabbler Vicki Vantoch offers practical and humorous advice on our most popular fantasy. Featured in The Threesome Handbook:

  • The perks of three: hotter sex, more love
  • Strategies to prevent freak-outs, jealousy, and general messiness
  • How to find the perfect third
  • Discovering your inner queer
  • When a menage turns into love, how to create a successful triad relationship
  • Communication skills for couples
  • Knowing when to break it off
  • And much, much more.

Drawing on personal experience, historical research, advice from pros, and hundreds of interviews with veteran and novice threesome adventurers, Vantoch covers the gamut of possibilities in threesome sex and triad relationships. The Threesome Handbook is the essential road map for couples and singles to explore new territory or just spice things up in the sack.