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Anal Health Because Everyone Has One

Anal Health Because Everyone Has One

| Nicole Scagliotti
Anal Health Because Everyone Has One ! So knowing the anatomy, the risks, and how to enjoy safer anal sex is important! A Healthy Anus is a Happy Anus!

Anal Health Because Everyone Has One

Anal Health Because Everyone Has One ! So knowing the anatomy, the risks, and how to enjoy safer anal sex is important! A Healthy Anus is a Happy Anus!

The anatomy of your anus (at least the parts that matter for sex)

The perineum is the part of your body that lies between the anus and genitals. Try pressure and gentle massage to stimulate!

The Opening of the anus does not have a scientific name! It is important when it comes to anal sex because rimming provides a lot of stimulation to this area.

The External Sphincter muscle is the muscle we use when we bear down or clench. 

The Internal Sphincter muscle is muscle that tightens and relaxes on it's own. 

The Rectum in this case is the area where toys or body parts will occupy during penetration. 

The Prostate is the gland that is in the rectum of penis owners. Stimulating the prostate, either with fingers, penises, or toys, can lead to orgasm.

For bodies without prostates, anal penetration can stimulate the g-spot or even the clitoris from a different angle, leading to different pleasurable sensations.

The Health Risks

Many conditions can impact your anal health! Aside from HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and other STI's. Your anal health can be impacted by a variety of things! Getting your anus checked by your doctor is always recommended when you feel something isn't right! A Healthy anus can make for a more pleasurable experience!

  • Anal Itch = anal itching which can be caused by a number of things from an allergic reaction to fungus
  • Fistulas = are small, abnormal tube that connects the inside of your rectum with the outside skin. This condition is not common but can result from physical trauma, infection, genetics, or certain illnesses, and if infected can cause drainage of pus and blood.
  • Genital Warts (HPV) = is an STI! it is one of the most commonly transmitted STI's. the virus can live in the skin on your scrotum, anus, and penis, a condom can’t always protect you from HPV.
  • Hemorrhoids = are a collection of abnormally dilated veins in the rectum.
  • Molluscum Contagiosum = is a contagious skin infection caused by a virus.
  • Perirectal Abscessis a bacterial infection that most often begins in the small glands inside your anus. 
  • Prostate Cancer = is a form of cancer that appears in the glands of the prostate.
  • Prostatitis = is an inflammation of the prostate usually caused by a bacterial infection

Waiting to see if symptoms go away can prolong the issue. If you are suffering from symptoms make sure to get your anus checked! A  Healthy Anus is a Happy Anus! 

 Cleaning Before you Play

 Anal Sex can be messy even with a condom! It is true anal sex involves the part of the body fecal matter comes out of . But your rectum doesn't store fecal matter It is possible to encounter some on your anal adventure. It is unlikely that you will encounter a lot. Knowing your lifestyle, diet, physical or digestive abilities will help you on your anal sex journey. 

What else can you do to help ease your mind about anal hygiene before having anal sex?

The biggest recommendation is to try to empty your bowels 30-60 minutes  before anal play! Wash the outside of your body with a gentle soap and warm water. 

Try not to eat a few hours before anal sex, eating stimulates the bowels. 

Enemas and Douching

So can you use a douche or an enema? Yes you can! But be sure to do it in moderation and know the risks!

If you are going to use a douche or an enema make sure to read the instructions carefully! Use the douche/enema 1-2 hours before engaging in anal play and ONLY use warm water, soap is not necessary!

When using an enema know the risks 

  • Irritation from trying to use anything other than water. Irritation of the rectum can make it easier for infections to enter the bloodstream. 
  • Water is too hot can cause irritation
  • Flooding your rectum with water leads to a dehydrated colon
  • Overuse can make your body rely on them for defecation

If you don't want to use an enema but still want that clean filling you can always use a sterilized syringe with lukewarm water in it to gently squeeze inside your rectum.

Sex Safety

When it comes to anal health and anal sex remember

  • never use the same object to stimulate the vagina or mouth that was just in contact with the anus or rectum without washing up first!
  • LUBE always use lube! If you think it's enough lube LUBE some more!
  • Always make sure to clean your toys after
  • Use Condoms, not only are they for STI prevention, but they make clean up easier
  • Communication is Sexy! Listen to your body and make sure to communicate with your partner.
  • If it hurts or something does not feel right STOP! 
  • Consent is hot make sure you both are ready for your anal adventure.
  • If you're using fingers , try a glove as a protective layer or finger condoms!

 Happy Anal August!