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Double Penetration, How Do you like your turkey stuffed?

How Do You Like Your Turkey Stuffed?

| Jessica S
Whether it's the holidays, a special occasion or just because, it is never a bad time to stuff turkeys or to get stuffed yourself! Tis the season to try new things! So let's explore how exactly one stuffs themselves.

How Do You Like Your Turkey Stuffed? 

Everything you need to know about Double Penetration!

Whether it's the holidays, a special occasion or just because, it is never a bad time to stuff turkeys or to get stuffed yourself! Tis the season to try new things! So let's explore how exactly one stuffs themselves.

The heteronormative description of double penetration is a vulva owner being penetrated in both the vulva and the anus by two penis owners. However, definitions change so we have to redefine what is and how it works!

What Is Double Penetration?

Double penetration is any consensual sex act that involves two objects going in one or more orifices such as mouth, anus, and vulva.

Objects can be anything from hands, fingers, and penises to dildos, vibrators, plugs, packers, or ball gags.

If you're questioning if its double penetration , it probably is! 

Remember you don't need any partners to explore double penetration you can absolutely explore it yourself. 

Why Explore Getting Stuffed?

The feeling or sensation of being stuffed to the brim that happens in some versions of double penetration are one of the many reasons some choose to explore.

 Double penetration allows for multiple feel good sensations to be combined into one act. This can lead to blended orgasms which is orgasms that occur from two simultaneous source of stimulation. 

For vulva owners

Depending on the variation of double penetration not only can blended orgasms a possibility, but there is higher potential for a G-spot orgasm! Having a safe consensual object in the vulva and anus at the same time puts pressure on the G-Spot from both sides which can enhance how pleasurable the experience is!

For penis owners

 Anal penetration during double penetration for the receiver increase the odds of prostate stimulation which some say delivers a full body orgasm! A prostate orgasm doesn't even require an erection!

As For The Penetrator

Being inside a mouth, vagina, or anus offers pleasure do to friction! If the penetrator is a penis owner the pleasure can be from pressure and friction on another object or the eroticism of watching there partner being penetrated filled and shared. This also goes for vulva owners! vulva owners can also add vibrators and grinding pads to harness to help clitoral pleasure as well! 

How do you get ready for double penetration?

Since double penetration encompasses a wide range of things, whether you are doing it solo or with a partner or partners it is important that you and everyone involved has a super solid understanding of which definition of double penetration is going to happen! 

Communication truly is key! Everyone needs to be on the same page from the beginning it makes it easier to laugh and have a good time if something goes awry. 

Besides talking about what holes and safe consensual objects ae going to be used, it is important to discuss boundaries, comfortability, desires and aftercare beforehand.

Talk about the uncomfortable stuff! 

Be sure to talk about the sexual health status of yourself, and your partner or partners. It might seem off putting at first but talking about sexual health status is sexy! Open communication about this topic is sexy! Even if it doesn't feel like it

Talking about safe sex measures as well is also sexy! Who's got condoms, who's on birth control. Safe sex preventing the spread of STD's is sexy! 

Talk about the fun stuff!

Make sure that everyone is comfortable with not only the idea, the type of double penetration at hand, but each other as well! 

Know what the desires are what is it that you and your partner or partners are setting out to do and how you all would like to feel. 

Make sure that clear boundaries are set before going into it, double penetration can be a very intimate act for some. 

Make sure to discuss verbal safe words and if the recievers mouth is being stuffed to disscuss non-verbal safe words!

Communication your experience level an be honest. Remember what's vanilla to you could be kinky for someone else and vice versa. Double penetration is an intimate act that involves knowing your limits and how to communicate those limits and needs during play! 

Double penetration can be simple fingers in the mouth while beign penetrated from behind or advanced involving anal of anyform. But double penetration is never like porn its not easy and seamless, it can come with its difficulties it's remembering that that is okay!

The types of toys you can use varies! There are so many options!

Dildos, double dildos, double ended dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, ball gags, harnesses, thigh harnesses, Ball Harness and cock rings just to name a few!

If you are exploring with a partner or partners talk about what kind of toys you want to explore with or would like to try!

Harnesses come in so many styles! So if you are the penetrator make sure to try them on beforehand. You want to make sure they are comfortable. Adjusted ahead of time to the right size. And can be used in the positions that you are trying to achieve.

For the receiver, pick out what is going inside of you! You know your body better than anyone! It is okay if you want to pick out a few things and explore. Exploring double penetration with a partner or partners? Try picking out the sizes and shapes of things. While you have them help pick out the styles to help them, feel more included.

If you are the one picking out toys as the penetrator for the objects going inside the receiver, make sure to pick out multiple sizes or try out some kits that come with multiple sizes! If getting a vibe make sure to ask what kind of vibration your partner enjoys.

For penis owners try out a cock ring, especially if you are nervous! A cock ring helps restrict blood flow in the shaft. Which makes the erection last a bit longer and a firmer erection is easier to navigate with!

Try shopping together if you can or would like to. It adds to the fun and helps arouse and excite each other by knowing what the other might like.

How To Start The Stuffing?

Once your supplies are gathered, lube, toys, and condoms!

Start with lube always start with lube! When it comes to double penetration lube is key! Double penetration involves so much friction and depending on variation.

Penetration should not come first. Work on warming up the receiver. The receiver, even if your solo, should be excited, wet/lubed up, and aroused. Try multiple orgasm if it is achievable.

If anal is involved in the sex act try rimming and anal massage with a finger or a vibe before adding a plug in.  

If your solo, enjoy your body start slow and explore slow and find the sensations that bring you to your peak and get you hot bothered and ready!

Making sure the receiver is aroused will make the experience that much more enjoyable for all parties involved or if you are solo. And when it is time seriously lather on the lube, double penetration involves so much friction it’s worth reiterating!

Avoid Swapping Holes

For the best safe sex practice avoid swapping holes, you want nothing that was in the anus to go into the vulva or the mouth. The vulva is delicate and you risk introducing bacteria if you go from the anus to the vulva. And it should be obvious why should never go anus to mouth.

If you do want to swap holes, make sure to pull of the condom, toss it, head to the sink for a quick wash up and then put on a new fresh condom!

After The Stuffing Handle With Care

Aftercare is important! And something that if you are with a partner or partners should be discussed beforehand! Not only will the receiver need after care but the penetrator(s) will too! Providing a place to feel safe and secure after sex is always important.

Aftercare can look different for everyone, some people like being held, others like a good shower, some re-hydrate, and others like to get snacks! So make sure to discuss after care needs of everyone involved!

Enjoy the post-coital bliss, If any mishaps or bumps happened that didn’t go the way one of you intended wait to discuss it until everyone has leveled out emotionally.

Don’t Stuff Yourself Just Once!

Try Again. Give it three strikes you are out try. In this case the mechanics of double penetration takes time, you learn as you go. So, if it did not work the first time give yourselves time to figure out what the holdup was? Is it the position, the toy size, did a toy die? There are so many things that could change the way each person experiences double penetration it is worth trying to creatively troubleshoot and try again.

Who knows maybe the second or third time might be more pleasurable. Or you’ve learned it’s not for you. Either way give it a try and explore your bodies!

Go Forth and Stuff Your Turkeys This Season!

And Don't Forget To Stuff Yourself