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Thank You For Flying

Thank You For Flying

| Jessica S

Thank You For Flying

Thank you for flying with the cats at the Pretty Pussycat today! Lets face it we're not all some rich dude from a romance novel that owns a private plane. But going through the airport with your sex toys packed should still be a breeze! 

Whether you're traveling with your coverboy, your favorite vibe, or something spicy here is all you need to know to make it easier!

So What Are TSA's Guidelines?

According to TSA adult toys are allowed. Whether they are in you checked bags or your carry-ons. Lube and toy cleaner has to be 3.4 ounces (100mL)  or less to be in your carry-on.

However TSA does hold the final decision on whether the items is allowed through the check point. So remain calm and stay kind. 

If you're unsure about the item you're bringing check TSA's What Can I Bring search tool. 

Remember to always check the restrictions of your destination too! Unfortunately, some countries and places like:

  • India
  • Thailand
  • Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Alabama
  • Indonesia
  • United Arb Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • Kuwait
  • Iran

To name few, all have restrictions on sex toys. So do your research ahead of time to avoid the risk of having your vibrator confiscated. 

Picking Toys That Are Travel Friendly!

When deciding what toy or toys to bring pick toys that are travel friendly it can be hard there are so many options out there. 

Battery operated toys are great , you can take the batteries out. And you can get batteries anywhere! However battery powered toys are becoming a thing of the past.So how do you pick which recchargeable goes with you ?

Try to find toys with a travel lock. Try to find toys with a USB style charger, you can find adaptive power boxes anywhere. Or try to find toys that comes with adaptive plugs so you can pack it no matter where you go! 

If it is your favorite and it does not come with a travel lock and it is not battery powered. Let that toy die, so it does not risk coming on. It is a bummer but remember you can charge it at your destination and it'll be worth the wait!

 Some Travel Friendly Options The Cats Recommend 

Here at the Pretty Pussycat we want you to leave our store satisfied! So here is a few toys that are travel conscious that we recommend!

First up is any toy by Vedo! They have so many product options. Many of their toys are charger compatible with each other. And they're travel lock is one of the easiest to use!

Clitoral stimulation is a fan favorite. Check out Romp Free or Womanizer Liberty. With travel covers it makes them easy to transport without letting anything get into the opening! 

We Vibe toys all have a travel lock! And the Chorus does come with a hard case so it travels better! 

Want to bring a wand with you, traveling to another country check out le wands wand! not only does it come in a sturdy box. But it comes with multiple adapters to take your pleasure anywhere

Ditch the cords altogether and check out Le Wands Baton or Lelos Mia 2. Just Uncap and plug the vibrator in with the built in USB charger!

Want a good rumble. Check out fun factory, not only does it have a great travel lock but has a rumble to curl your toes!

Like a couple of toys for a little variety check out Romp pleasure kit. Comes with a cock ring, wand, and clit toy. All Travel lock friendly. And comes in a nice carrying case!

Finally for lube and cleaner, if you're packing it in your checked bag check out the wicked line! All of their pump bottle lubes and cleaners come with a travel lock on the pump!  If you're looking to carry less than 2.3 ounces check out Uber Lubes travel options!


What Is The Best Way To Pack For Travel?

Pack light! Just a small vibrator should do. Whether it's a bullet or a clit sucker, a small dildo, or a couple spicier items! Keep it simple and pack light especially if it is going in your carry-on! Make sure to put your toys into individual Ziploc bags just incase security does have to pull them out. It'll keep the toys from getting gross and make it easier and less embarrassing for the both of you!

If you're packing your toys in your checked bag, again pack light! You don't need your full collection coming with you. Think about having to travel back, If you want multiple toys try bringing them by the same brand with compatible cords so you aren't struggling with too many. 

Kinky toys , like handcuffs, rope, spreader bars (just to name a few) can go through in your carry-on but they are better in your checked bag! 

Remember even lube with a travel lock should be put in a plastic bag, things get jumbled up and tossed around on the plane ride. The last thing you want is to have a lube mess when you get to your destination!

What Do You Do If You're Stopped?

While you'll most likely make through airport security with no issues. It is better to be prepared just in case you do get stopped by the screener.

First try to stay cool, calm and collected. You are not the first or last person to travel with a sex toy or two. 

Second if you are completely embarrassed and don't want strangers to see your toys on display. You can request a private screening at any point in the process. Which is typically administered by someone of the identifying gender.

Do know that at bigger airports screening has come a long way with the ability to 3-D scan to make so they don't even have to pull out the items anymore.

You're Calm Cool and Collected Now What?

Tell the truth. It is the best thing you can do. Traveling with a vibrator says that you're comfortable with your sexuality and there is nothing wrong with that. Stay confident, take a breath and  keep calm. You'll save yourself from further questions if you don't act suspiciously nervous!  

Top Tips! 

  • Remember TSA staff are humans! If they ask tell them it is a sex toy. They know everyone has sex. They do too!
  • Budget for a checked bag. Especially if you plan on traveling with a few toys or do not want to risk getting embarrassed.
  • Make sure travel lock is on. The toy is dead. Or the batteries are pulled out. Vibrating catches not only their eyes but the scanners too!
  • Pack light. A small vibe might be all you need. And if you pack the spicy stuff keep it simple.
  • Avoid packing poppers
  • Stick to non metal cock rings.
  • If you want to bring your metal one put it in your checked bag. OR attach your metal cock ring to your belt no one will be the wiser!
  • Harnesses should not cause any problems going through.
  • If you're bringing a hood fold it up and pack it with your underwear.
  • Stay Calm

Thank You For Flying! 

If You Need Further Assistance

Reach Out To The Cats At The Pretty Pussycat!